The Changing Role of Women

“Women are inspiration”, “Woman is a pearl”, “Woman is a source of lust”; are the comment of common people. They sometimes said that women are like a thing that they like but sometimes they did not like it. Actually, whatever they said about women, it could not be denied that a world will always need women in every aspect of life. In addition, women are jewellery in this world. They are identical with grateful and soft words. They decorate this life with their beautiful sensibleness. They bring to life this world with their enchantment. Even they could cause a commotion this world. For instance RA Kartini, who fought for women emancipation. Since that time, the role of women begins changing.

Sometimes, Javanese said that women are identical with “well, kitchen, and mattress”. However, nowadays, since that declaration of women emancipation, women got their freedom to get education so that they could get more knowledge that includes not only about household but also economic, social, even policy, and so on. Dewi Santika, who is also figure of women emancipation, said that be a woman should have knowledge in many aspects of life to survive. Sometimes, life is not like what we want. So, a woman should have many experiences, keep on spirit, and learn. It is a new firmament that opens the opportunity to women to move and try, also to step their new world. They could show their achievement that better than men.

Women could clear a path in career. They are not only as a wife or mother, but also as a secretary, lawyer, psychologist, lecturer, teacher, manager, etc. Even the women who use a veil, in some company, is allowed. They could use, enrich, and improve their knowledge. The reason why women want to work and clear a path in career are to show that women could do man job. Also, they could a little bit to help their family’s financial. It is because of women’s freedom to get education so that they could clear a path in career.

Women could join an organization. They could join organization from beginner to advance, such as “arisan” until policy party. Prof. Dr. Siti Chamamah Soeratno, for example. She is one of figure in PP Aisyiyah. Women also have a freedom of speech so that they could join an organization.

Women also could be a leader. Nowadays, there is not only a man who led a company or other instance. Women are also allowed. Women and men are equal; have same position, same grade, and same opportunity to lead. For example is Megawati Soekarno Putri who led our country, Indonesia.

Although, now, women have same opportunity to learn and get education, to develop their career, to join an organization, and or be a leader, they should not forget their obligation and responsibilities in their household that is as wife, mother, or even as a child. In addition, of course, it is hard to teach their child (if they were a mother), at the same time she should be active, such as work or join an organization. It is difficult to divide their time to work or to their husband (if they were a wife). However, life is full of a twist. It is back to them. Are they ready to have more strength? Are they ready to manage their time carefully? Are their family want to try to understand them? Are they ready to have a double role?

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