problems in writing

Everyone would try to write, from the simply one–writing a diary until writing a project, such as a paper. Writing is unify of what we have listened, have saw, have read, and what we want to tell. However, sometimes, writing is not as simple and easy as our imagination. There are several problems that are usually faces when writing.

First of all, the big problem is grammar. Grammar is the most important thing in writing. If the grammar is not well enough, the writing will be broken. Sometimes, I am often afraid when people correcting my writing. I’m worry because my writing tends to come back with full of correction. However, I have to change my mind. No body is perfect, and what I should do is only to be a better person by learning the mistakes.

Secondly, when I have too many ideas, it makes a problem to me. I think too much because I loved reading a book, watching TV, listening to the news, etc. It means I have many references of topic so that I am confused to choose one of them.

The third is that I often get stuck in the middle of my writing. Some experience is that I cannot get started with my writing. I usually could write my first sentences but I do not know how to make the supporting sentences. Of course, I have to spend all my time to look for data so that I can get an idea and then put it on my writing whereas, I think, it is undefined task.

Furthermore, in my opinion to minimize the problems on writing, first is to find a topic then try to elaborate our ideas by making supporting ideas. All of them should be written in outlining. Last, after several time, try to look it up again. It is a kind of correcting and editing what we have done.

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