How Advertisements Affect What People Buy

To offer the products and to make them prominent, it needs an advertisement by electronic media like radio, television, internet; or printed media such as newspaper,  ballyhoos, pamphlets, and leaflets. Many people are attracted by many kinds of products with various interesting offers.

Some of them have a good trade-mark. Products with a good trade-mark usually have expensive cost but people still pay money for them. It is humane that people would try to increase their degree of social status. By buying expensive products, in Indonesia, it means they are wealthy people, although, actually, it is a kind of generalization.

Furthermore, in some cases, they don’t think of the advantages but only buy the products for pleasure. For example, some people buy shoes which have a good trade-mark only for collection or fashion whereas, essentially, they can allocate their money to buy other things which are more important like a book.
In addition, some of them give a discount or a bonus, such as toothpaste which give a glass as a bonus if we buy two packs. Of course, for people who are principally economical will easily be attracted to pay money for this products.

Some of them recommend that the products are good for health. For example are cosmetics. For women, especially, it is not amazing that they are it teased to pay money for the products. Those advertisements usually promise quick and constant effects to beautify woman’s face whereas, sometimes, the products can give bad and dangerous effects for them; for instance, whitening cream that promises that the users will lighter skin in short time. Actually, when they use this product, they may have risk to get skin cancer because the work of this product is making thin the layer of the skin. Moreover, if  they stop using the product, their skin would be darker, even darker than before.

That is why the advertisements affect what people buy. They seem to be very interesting so that people will attract. But, some of the advertisements don’t give the whole information needed by the consumers like from explanation above. Thus, people should be careful in buying a product and think twice about the advantages and the effects. As a result, they will not easily pay money for the products.

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